The hotel is at Tokyo Bay, which is about 30/40 minutes from central Tokyo.  It is most useful as a stay location when visiting Tokyo Disney resort.  It is almost always very busy or full on the weekends and I recommend booking in advance to get a good rate.  When booking at short notice, the rates can be through the roof.  I believe it is primarily frequented by Japanese guests.


The hotel is a partner hotel of the Tokyo Disney resort and is situated directly behind the resort, next to Tokyo Bay.  From JR Maihama station, there is a free shuttle bus to the hotel, which comes every 20/30 minutes.


One can also buy tickets for the Disney Resort line for one way tickets, or also day passes.  Depending on how many trips you take, the day pass may be more useful, instead of waiting for the shuttle bus.  If you take the Disney Resort monorail line, you can walk to the hotel, which takes about 3 minutes from when you alight.  Alternatively, you can catch the fun Disney themed bus for the very short (and in my mind useless) trip to the hotel.



The front desk is typically staffed by two or three check-in agents.  At peak times, the wait can be a fair while, but there is a priority line for HHonors elites.  This was my second stay at this property and they have always been very strict with check-in times (ie. no real early check-ins).

DSC02907Next to the front desk, there is a very large kids area with Disney-themed decorations.  Quite popular with kids and a good place to offload your rugrats while waiting for check-in.


The hotel was quite full when I stayed and I was not given an upgrade from the King Celebrio Ocean Room I booked.  I also did not receive an upgrade the last time I stayed, but again this property tends to get very busy on the weekends.  Nevertheless, check-in was quick and efficient.

The hotel does not have an executive lounge, and I was provided a drink coupon at the hotel bar, good for certain happy hours.


The corridors to the room was decorated with the Celebrio theme being a futuristic design.  Other floors in the hotel are either standard floors or ‘Happy Magic’ themed being an adventure fairy tale ambience.


I would describe the King Celebrio Ocean room as being spaceship-like in design, with a chic design suitable for both adults and children.  Japanese shoji screens are used for windows, but they are white, bringing it in line with the modern space theme.  Turn-down service is also provided.

Expansive views of Tokyo Bay are available, with central Tokyo visible in the distance.


A welcome amenity of pastries with a red bean azuki filling was waiting in the room for me when I arrived.  They are wrapped in a Japanese style cloth and were delicious.


The wardrobe is quite compact, but has ample hangers, iron, ironing board and in-room safe.  There are also extra pillows if needed.  Sandles are also provided, but cannot be worn outside or taken home.  There is also a space for luggage and yukatas for lounging around.

The mini-bar contains a few complimentary drinks, but everything else has to be ordered through room service.  Room service charges are very reasonable though.

There are also ample switches for lights to customise the ambience you want to create.  An aux cable is also available to play music from your smartphone while you are in the bathroom.  An iPod dock is also available (but for old school iPhones).  However, I requested an Android phone charger to borrow, but none were available.


The first time I stayed in this room category, the room was immaculate.  This time however, it was clear that the property is beginning to experience some housekeeping or maintenance issues.  Indeed, some of the hard product was dirty or not well kept, so I requested a room change.  This change however did not result in a better result.

For example, the chaise lounge was dirty with visible scuffing and yellowing.  The bathtub also had mould growing between the gaps which would be easily recommend with a good wipe.  The mini-bar door also had a large crack and some scuffing.  The bedsheet also had a hole in it.  All in all, while the furnishings look nice at first glance, on closer inspection it is obvious that the furniture is of a fairly low quality and not built to last.

The mould in the bathtub was probably the worst offender, which caused me to not want to stay in there for any amount of time.

No doubt, the scuffing and mould is because of how busy the hotel is, the high turnover and poor quality of furniture.


Mould aside, the bathroom is quite decent, with a fairly new model Toto washlet.  The shower is combined with the bathtub and the large mirror has a heated square section in the middle, which remains clear for use while the rest of the mirror is foggy.

The lighting in the bathtub can also be customised to blue for the sci-fi inclined.  As stated earlier, music can also be played into the bathroom by using an aux cable from the bedroom area.


I did not use the on-site gym here as it was a leisure stay.

I did however make use of the complimentary drink coupon when leaving the property.  It entitles you to cocktails during the evening and soft drinks during the day.



Breakfast was included complimentary as a Diamond HHonors member.  Gold members also receive it for free.  The breakfast was a full hot buffet and is provided for in the ‘Lounge O’ restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.


The ambience itself is very nice, with high ceilings and an artistic and modern design.  In true modern Japanese style I would say.  It was cherry blossom season when I stayed, so a large sakura decoration was placed in the centre of the restaurant area.


The offerings itself were fairly extensive, but I would not describe it as particularly amazing as the food was of a mediocre quality.  The last time I stayed, the buffet was provided in a different restaurant, which had a fantastic offering and great quality.

Nevertheless, hot offerings are your typical Western dishes, along with a few Japanese options such as Japanese curry and bean curd patties.  Japanese side dishes such as fish cake, egg and other congee assortments were also available.

Continental selections such as cereals, cold cuts and juices were also available.

While the offerings were disappointing compared with what was previously available, they are still suitable.  Many of it no doubt is to cater for families whose children are also staying.  For those who have stayed at the Hilton Tokyo before (read here), the breakfast buffet here is a dumbed down version of the offering there, being of a lower quality.


This is a very family-friendly hotel with space and fairy tale themed rooms, which is always packed to the brim on weekends by primarily Japanese guests with children.  Elite treatment here is fairly limited, as there is no executive lounge and upgrades are scarce due to the occupancy.  The breakfast buffet has gone downhill in recent times following the opening of the new ‘Lounge O’ restaurant.

Prices start from around 200 USD per night, which is decent value, but rooms should usually be booked in advance to secure a good rate.

Sadly however, the room cleanliness is sub-par, especially for a Japanese hotel, and was not remedied by a room change.  This hotel is still fun for a first time stay and I am still happy to recommend it.  I will not return again though.

Next time, it will be the Sheraton two properties down for me!