The Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan is a well-known five-star hotel in Tainan, Taiwan.  It is instantly recognisable on Ximen Road in the city, next to a Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, with its grand porte-cochere.  Despite a Silks Place hotel also opening a few years ago behind it and also a Cozzi hotel to appeal to the younger generation, the Tayih Landis still manages to be regarded by locals as probably the premier hotel in Tainan.  It is certainly the most well-known.


Most tourists coming to Tainan will probably arrive by high speed rail.  To get to the hotel from the Tainan High Speed Rail Station, one can either take a taxi to the hotel or a bus.  A taxi takes around 20 minutes and will cost about 15 USD.  A bus will take around 40 minutes and is free.  It can be caught from the H31 bus stop at exit 2 of the HSR station.

There are numerous food options within a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel.  However, for the major Tainan attractions, one is probably best to take taxis, which are very cheap in Tainan.  However, it would be best to have hotel staff assist with telling taxi drivers destinations, as most older people in Tainan speak little to no English.


The check-in desk was staffed by three people.  While the process did take quite long at about 5 to 10 minutes, I have to commend the agent who checked me in for her professionalism and diligence.


I had originally booked a room for 3 nights, but had later asked the booking organiser to change the reservation to 2 nights.  This change wasn’t communicated to the hotel which still had my reservation down as for 3 nights.  The check-in agent however was happy to change the reservation for 2 nights free of charge.

As this hotel is a part of a chain that I do not frequent, I did not ask for an upgrade and no upgrade was provided.



The superior room I stayed in was very spacious at around 40-45 m².  The twin beds were on the firmer side with comfortable bedding.  The sheets were not changed by housekeeping for the 2nd day and there was no way to request a change, save for calling guest assistance.  Not a big deal though.

AC ports were available next to one of the beds to charge your electronic gismos.

The work desk was on the smaller side and is on the same bench that the TV sits on.  However, it is usable for any basic work you might need to do.  However, there were universal AC sockets at both 110V and 220V which is very thoughtful.  Other connectivity ports are also provided.


The wardrobe had the usual ironing board, iron, rack, scale, slippers and bath robes.

The minibar fridge was empty, which isn’t a big deal as drinks are cheap in the numerous convenience stores dotted around Tainan.  Two complimentary bottles of water were provided however, along with tea and coffee.  A safe also sits above the minibar area.

Next to the armchairs is also a small lounging table which has a plate of fruit and some biscuits.  These are replenished daily, although there is so much food in Tainan that it’s not really necessary.



The bathroom is kitted out in marble tiling and has a bathtub separate from the shower.  I was quite disappointed with the use of pump bottles to dispense shampoo and body wash here though, as opposed to the usual miniature bottles.  While there are environmental reasons for not providing individual bottles, I don’t think the use of pump bottles is appropriate for a five-star property.  The shower amenities though were ok and weren’t tough on the hair or skin, but nothing to call home about.

There is an option to use a rainforest shower head or the regular hand held option.  Water temperature and pressure were fine.

The other bathroom amenities provided though were decent, which included dental kits, comb, razor and body lotion.  Having to call guest assistance for basic items such as dental kits is inconvenient, so a plus on this point.



Breakfast I believe is included in pretty much all room rates, and was indeed included in mine.  It is served in the Market Place Buffet in the B1 level of the hotel.  As I stayed over New Year’s Eve/Day in 2016/2017, there were quite a lot of guests.  Indeed when I left the restaurant, there was a line, so I would recommend going a little earlier during busy seasons.


The restaurant itself was a bit of a zoo during breakfast due to the sheer number of guests dining.  While the restaurant is very large and reminiscent of a food court with multiple seating areas, the number of people walking around and the noise diminishes the atmosphere.  The staff though were very efficient in clearing plates and their hard work ought to be acknowledged.


The breakfast spread though is very extensive but weighted more towards Taiwanese cuisine.  Tainan though is famous for various dishes which are represented here.  In particular, rare beef soup is provided which can be slightly pricey if purchased in other shops.  It was quite tasty, although I noticed it didn’t taste quite as good the second morning I dined – quality may vary.

Another popular Tainanese dish offered is a kind of fish congee.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this one but it was inoffensive.

Other offerings include braised fatty pork belly, with accompanying milky soft buns to eat as a kind of burger (known locally as gua bao).  There is also pork glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.  Both of these were delicious and highly recommended.

The typical cold cuts, salads, pastries and fruits were also offered.  These were probably the less exciting bits, but the fresh juice was amazing (including watermelon juice).

When in Taiwan of course, one should try the fried bread sticks dipped in soy milk.  Various other drinks such as cold black tea and winter melon tea are also available.

The food overall though was very tasty, with the atmosphere being the only slight drawback.  I came back for a buffet lunch (approx 25 USD), which had an extensive seafood offering including abalone and crab, where there were much less people.  Highly recommended.


This Tayih Landis is a solid offering when visiting Tainan.  Whether visiting for leisure or business, the hotel is quite suitable.  There is also quite a large on-site gym with loads of equipment, including power racks.

Room rates generally fluctuate between USD 100~200 which is very reasonable.  The rooms and amenities are of a high standard, but being let down by the use of pump bottle dispensers for shampoo and body wash.

The buffet restaurant also provides tasty food offerings, many of which have a local flair.  The New Asia Teppanyaki Restaurant also has private dining rooms for formal dinners where one can taste more refined Taiwanese cuisine (around USD 500 for maybe 12+ people so very reasonable).

Highly recommended, but I will tempted to try the Silks Palace or the Cozzi Hotel next door when I am next in Tainan.